The innovative cash game from software developer Spribe is known as the Aviator game. It is a graphic rng with an airplane taking off, which denotes potential winnings. The higher it climbs, the bigger the multiplier becomes. To start playing for money is very simple - just at the right time to press the "stop" button!

Players can only rely on their intuition and luck, looking at the chart flying aviator - no additional strategies are required. Going to the official website aviator game in india, you will see that it looks quite different from other slots, but your chances of winning or losing do not depend on your abilities. 

The principle of the aviator game.

Aviator india game, a game variant with some differences, works based on a random number generator technology called provably fair. It promises a fair payout, and the answer to the question of whether you can earn in this game is affirmative, but it will only be a one-time win.
Winnings can increase rapidly or slowly, as much as ×100 in a few seconds, and usually one round takes from tenths to 30 seconds. You have to be quick to ensure your winnings, as it is easy to lose all bets if you are careless.
The player return rate (rtp) for this online crash game is 97%.

The game is available both on the 1 win bet website and in the android and ios apps; there are real-time stats that allow you to track past bets, other players' results and ranking of the biggest wins, but these stats will not help you decide how to profit, as luck plays an important role - there are no step-by-step instructions for playing correctly, so do not rely too much on other players' results, which are also random! 

Basic strategies and tactics for playing aviator game.

The approach with the lowest probability of losing when playing for money in 1win aviator game in india. This plan of action will not give you a huge payout in a short time, but it will make you feel confident in the game, reduce your losses and stop you from losing your money. The essence of this tactic is to bet on small odds, i.e. every round our cashout should be with multipliers ×1.20-x1.21 (you can switch on auto-cashout and auto takeout). This will minimize the number of lost rounds and steadily build up your balance. After its accumulation you can go to higher stakes, thereby increasing your winning in aviator game.

A moderate risk strategy when playing aviator india game money is recommended for players who do not have a limit on their online casino 1vin account. Using this tactic in aviator involves betting on multipliers ×2-x3, the probability of obtaining the results of which is 40%-42%.
However, if a person is confident in his abilities and he did not often encounter high multipliers, he can take a risk by betting on the high odds, which may lead to a balance or even the multiplication of the deposit, if he is lucky! The risky method of making quick money when playing the Aviator game is perfect for those who consider themselves lucky! Odds 100+ appear roughly every hour and a half, so keep an eye on when the last result with odds ×100 or more was.

If you decide to play the game with two odds, we recommend that you do not exceed a bet of ×40 on one bet and ×100 on the other. This will prevent you from losing your entire balance in one go in search of huge odds.